15 August 2007

Denver Restaurant Review: The Tuscany

I'm in Denver this week and next, so pictures might be a bit thin on this otherwise colorful blog. But I do have to give high marks to The Tuscany, located in the luxurious Loews Hotel (I'm not staying there). Had a light dinner at The Tuscany tonight, and although I did bring my camera with me on this trip, I think I'd feel the hand of my mother smack me if I took pictures during a meal in a restaurant. I'm not slamming those bloggers that do this--I love the photos from The French Laundry and other great establishments, and Lord knows I've taken pictures of all the dishes at various private dinner parties--but something in my upbringing prevents me from whipping out the camera in a nice restaurant. It's one of those activities on the same level as giggling in church.

I wasn't starving, so I had a simple dinner of white wine and fish... First came the amuse bouche of a razor-thin slice of cucumber wrapped around mango salsa and drizzled with a pomegranate-balsamic vinegar sauce. For the wine, I had a glass of the 2004 Coppola Diamond Chardonnay, an old favorite. And for the main course, a slab of grilled halibut on top of lobster pancakes (a heretofore unknown treat) layered with spinach, all topped with spring onions and seated in a shallow pool of a light-tasting yet dark brown sauce. Savory, sweet, and bitter all in glorious harmony.

Excellent service, and I've got to give the host tops for directing this solitary diner with a book to a table with excellent lighting.


coneslayer said...

I was in Denver by myself a year or two ago, and had a nice dinner at Rioja. I sat at the counter, watching the pastry kitchen. The service was attentive, and the food was quite good. (Though I ended up with something like three gorgonzola-based courses. This was the result of an appetizer I wanted being sold out, so I made a snap decision on a replacement without realizing how much gorgonzola I would end up with!)

They offer wines by the half-glass, so I asked my waiter to pair each course with a half-glass. He seemed nervous, but did a great job.

fredric koeppel said...

That's not exactly a simple dish! but it sounds great. speaking of pix on blogs, have you seen this:


Jen said...

That's probably my favorite chardonnay under $20. Your meal sounds wonderful.

Benito said...


Thanks for your feedback, and I'll happily welcome any other Denver restaurant recommendations. Right around the corner from my hotel is a Bulgarian grocery store. I haven't been there yet, but I'm oddly curious.

I'll probably get a spare mini-USB cable for my camera this weekend so I can post some shots, particularly the gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains I have right out my window.

maggie said...

I live in Denver and go out to eat often. If you're looking for upscale, I HIGHLY recommend Mizuna, Restaurant Kevin Taylor, and Vita. If you go to Vita, stop by LoLa (next door) and try a coin style margarita. Sit on the patio and enjoy a view of the Denver skyline. Also, Denver has a large Vietnamese population, and, thus, a large number of (really good) Vietnamese restaurants. You'll find a concentration of Vietnamese spots near Federal and Alameda. The best of these, I think, is New Saigon. Finally, you can't go wrong with Mexican food here in Denver, and my favorite spot is Tacos Jalisco, on 38th Ave just off Tennyson. Have fun and good luck!