13 August 2007

Flatiron Steak

I'm not normally a picky person. There's virtually nothing that I won't try as long as its not spoiled or poisonous. I've gulped down big black ants and tiny white octopuses and shady dishes from Chinese restaurants that include abalone and "black fungus". But when it comes to beef, I hate to have someone that I don't trust pick out a cut of meat for me. For the uninitiated, there are many things that look like a great grilling steak that aren't. And even when we get into the steak realm, am I in the mood for a ribeye or a porterhouse or a New York Strip or what? And the different cuts all require different cooking methods. Unless you've actually stood shivering in the cold of a meat locker and looked upon a primal with a saw in your hand, profit in your heart, and hunger in your belly, I don't want you choosing my steaks.

Though I could probably get arrested for saying this, I really think that kids need to spend some time in butcher shops learning the various cuts and which sections of a pig or cow are ideal for individual applications. It didn't warp me as a child and it will probably do your kids good. You never know: a neighbor might grace you with a quarter of a deer and your kid will ask for a fresh hacksaw blade and ask how many pounds of roasts, stew meat, and sausage you want.

So we come to the flatiron steak, a relatively new cut of beef from the chuck roast area. I pan seared it with a bit of soy sauce and other seasonings, sliced it up like flank steak and made little tacos with white corn tortillas and fresh tomatoes and oregano. Not bad, but I don't see it overtaking flank or skirt steak in that particular application, and didn't find the meat to be any more flavorful than your standard sirloin.

I served it with the 2003 Fifth Leg from Western Australia. 39% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Merlot, 27% Shiraz, 3% Cabernet Franc. Dark fruit, leather, a hint of coffee. Not perfectly balanced but a decent table wine.

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Jenny said...

I'm now officially designating you in charge of Paul's butcher block education. :)