10 August 2007

Big Rainbow Tomato

Here's another product from the jardins de Benito, the Big Rainbow tomato. The catalog advertised these as big and yellow with red tints, but I found the actual fruits to be red with streaks of yellow (difficult to see on top-- click here for the striped bottom). Deeply ribbed as well, which is a trait you don't often find in your round, flavorless supermarket tomatoes.

It's a sweet and low-acid tomato, with a skin as thick as an apple's. The fruits I've harvested have been between 3" and 6" in diameter.

Upon slicing this tomato reveals more of its variegated character. What did I do with this precious heirloom tomato? I made a BLT. Multi-grain bread, organic nitrate-free bacon, Boston lettuce, and homemade mayonnaise. Enjoyed alongside a mason jar of ice water on a Friday afternoon following a morning of yard mowing, hedge trimming, and weeding. Drenched in sweat and relishing the treat in my hands, I've got to echo my grandfather Chuck: "Fellers, it just don't get much better than this."


pmjones said...

Oh *man* that looks tasty. :-)

thnkfl4plntz said...

Looks like a Mr. Stripey with ribs to me. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yumm! I've got several of these plants growing now and they are just starting to bear fruit. I can't wait to eat my first tomato sandwich of the season. You made it sound sooo good.

Anonymous said...

These are the best producers in my raised bed in Paulden, AZ. Fruit are big, probably 4-5 in. in diameter, and very sweet and juicy. Started producing before any of my other tomato plants.