03 August 2007

2005 Margan Shiraz Saignée

2005 Margan Shiraz Saignée from the Hunter Valley of Australia. Light raspberry flavors, dry but crisp and fruity, everything a good summer rosé should be. Saignée refers to the process of bleeding off a portion of red wine after only minimal contact with the skins. To me it sounds like a great deal: you get a rosé from the bleeding and the remaining wine has a stronger, fuller-bodied character.

I'm really impressed with this one. I served it with some king crab legs and Rainier cherries. As for the photo, I forgot to take one of the bottle but instead substituted a shot of one of the lovely pink roses that used to grow in the front garden. A bit of Photoshop wizardry and you've got that Pleasantville effect.

So what if I don't have a shot of the wine? "A rose is a rose is a rose."

1 comment:

Andrew said...

pink? looks orange to me old son! :-)