25 May 2007

2006 Sebeka "Cape Blend" Shiraz Pinotage

2006 Sebeka "Cape Blend" Shiraz Pinotage. Western Cape, South Africa. 60% Shiraz, 40% Pinotage. Imported by Gallo, and here's a little extra info. Lovely marketing, decent enough plonk for some roast beef and mashed potatoes. Good cherry and raspberry notes, medium tannins, just a touch of the ashy Pinotage character.

A few days later, I tried the 2006 Sebeka Sauvignon Blanc. Closer in flavor to California than New Zealand. There is a bright fruit character dominated by apricot and a bitter aftertaste of orange pith (which sounds odd but I loved it). Dry, but full bodied, medium tartness. I had it with a simple dinner of penne pasta, peas, and a light cream sauce.

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