22 March 2007

2004 Steltzner Claret

Once again my dog Wolfgang gets in the way of a photo, but it was a nice sunset, so who can blame him? This particular wine is the 2004 Steltzner Claret, Napa Valley, California. $17. It's made by Stag's Leap, though from different patches of vines than their higher-end offerings. Alder has some more information on the background. Steltzner makes bottles up to 27 litres in size(!), and it looks like they also grow some Pinotage on the premises. I've never had a Pinotage from outside South Africa, and now I have a mission.

I'm a sucker for Clarets, and this was not a disappointment. Aromas of blueberries and rose petals. The flavor is surprisingly mild with dark berry prominent. Light tannins and a smooth finish. Tastes more like a French Bordeaux than a California Meritage or similar Claret blend.

I had it along with a rare ribeye and some roasted potatoes. Simple, earthy fare, but sometimes that's precisely what you need.


Anonymous said...

Your review says 2004 but your bottle says 2005.

Anonymous said...

Also, you say this is made by Stag's Leap, which is definitely incorrect.

Anonymous said...

They get there cab grapes from inside the stags leap district but it is not a stags leap product

Anonymous said...

No response (or edits made) as of yet to these valid concerns. That's a shame.