11 March 2007

Garden Preview

Last year I spent a good bit of time writing about my experiments with tomatoes, herbs, and my failed attempt at growing carrots. Here's what's on tap for 2007:

Herbs: My spearmint, oregano, and rosemary have survived over the winter, growing in the kitchen window. I've used all three frequently, and will continue to do so. The basil is only technically alive; it's pale and makes a lot of flowers but not many leaves. The microgreens died off in the fall, but I've replanted some and have already been able to harvest. In addition, I've started growing arugula in a tray, and look forward to those peppery greens in a month or so. Once the plants show up at the garden center, I intend to set herbs in every windowsill of the house: sage, lavender, thyme, hyssop, dill...

Carrots: Yes, I'm going to try it again. My biggest problems last year were lack of sunlight and poor soil for carrots. This year I've started a batch of Short 'n Sweets, which grow short and stubby and should be a bit easier. Plus, they should be good for snacking as well as for stews and the like. The ones I've started are in a deep flower pot with plenty of room to grow in soft potting soil.

Beans: I'm going to grow some green beans, but I'll also sow whatever dried beans I like that I can get to sprout. Thus far the only luck I've had is with a Christmas Lima bean.

Peppers: I haven't started any yet, but I was impressed with a lot of the plants at the farmers' market last year. I recall fondly some tiny orange peppers that looked almost too pretty to eat. Almost. I used my jalapeños frequently last year; I'd like to grow some different ones this season.

Tomatoes: These are the ones I'm really looking forward to, but I'm going to wait for a while before announcing the varieties. For now, just know that I'm planting eight different types, all sizes and colors, and no repeats from last year.

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Grace said...

I didn't see any purple carrots on the list this year. I'm a little disappointed.:)