04 July 2006

Wine Blogging Wednesday #23

So the theme is pair a wine with BBQ... Luckily, I was doing some barbecuing tonight in honor of the Fourth of July and we were also celebrating my girlfriend's birthday. I smoked ten pounds of Danish spare ribs, using a blend of hickory, apple, cherry, and sassafrass. They sat on the smoker for about four hours, and emerged delicious. Side dishes were simple: store-bought potato salad and cole slaw with some rolls (thanks, Paul!). I made the cake from scratch, and unfortunately don't have any pictures. The bottom layer was chocolate cake, the top layer was white chocolate, and it was covered in buttercream frosting--all made from scratch. I decorated the top with thin slices of kiwi and strawberry.

For the wine, I chose the Banrock Station Sparkling Chardonnay. This is a longtime favorite of mine, and can generally be found around here for $6-8. I like it with things like BBQ, fried chicken, chicken wings, etc. It's light and crisp, great served cold, and the sparkling character and decent acidity really cut through the grease. I also really like to use it as a starting beverage for casual dinner parties. As soon as everyone shows up, you pop a bottle of bubbly and everyone is immediately interested. It's not New Year's or a wedding, is it OK to drink sparkling wine? Hell yeah, and it goes great with those little fried appetizers.


Whit Stevens said...

Seems to me, good sparkling wine goes with almost everything.

How about posting you rip recipe?

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

I'd love the hear more on how you made the ribs! I know squat about wine and rarely drink it. But Barbeque - now that's my passion!