16 June 2006

Google Analytics

I'm part of the beta test group for a new service called Google Analytics. It's free, but you have to ask to join and may or not be let in for the beta testing. It provides you with a ton of data about your site and who visits it. I've only been using it for the past week--the first time in a year and a half of running this blog that I've ever tried to track how many readers I've got.

This handy map shows the past 500 visitors, which is about a week's worth. The small dots are one visitor a piece, the largest dots around the Memphis area are 9 and 12 visitors (though most of those have got to be me checking the site or looking up a wine I tasted):

Click to enlarge

And here's a zoomed-in version for North America and Europe. This is just a screenshot--when you mouse over the real report, it shows you the name of the city as well as the number of visitors from that city:

Click to enlarge

I'd just like to thank all the readers and visitors out there, hope y'all enjoy this site, and I look forward to providing wine reviews and random musings for years to come.

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