20 June 2006

2004 Cellier des Dauphins Prestige Rosé

Welcome to the Summer of Rosé 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Last summer I burned through as many dry rosés as my wallet and liver could handle. I intend to continue this quest this summer, with the goal as always of buying bottles I've never tried before. I've already had a couple in the past two months, but here's a great one to kick off the summer: the 2004 Cellier des Dauphins Prestige Rosé, a Côtes du Rhône rosé from around Provence that is made of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah. $12. The English site refers to the color as "deep rosé", but I prefer the French version, rosé vif, roughly vivid pink. In France, a lot of the same terms are used for describing rosé wines, actual roses, and lipstick. Some might make the association that drinking rosés is an effeminate act; on the contrary, I say that such descriptors are used much in the way that the manliest of men with a good grasp of their mother tongue will describe a car or boat in feminine, often sensual terms.

Rosés often don't have a lot to offer on the nose, and this one is no different. Yet it tastes wonderful. Good crisp berry flavors, bright and lively on the tongue due to some well-balanced acidity. Almost no aftertaste at all, which is perfect for a summer wine. Imagine raspberry lemonade that isn't sweet or overly tart, and you've got a good idea where this wine begins. After coming home from work and tending to the herbs and tomato plants, I drank this wine along with some grilled chicken and chorizo tacos, served on small white corn tortillas. Quite a good pairing, especially with some black beans on the side.

Side note: my bottle was the same old-fashioned shape as the one pictured in the link above, but the label was a little different. Similar design, but instead of a multicolored border, there was a simple and classy gold foil border around the calligraphic text.

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