05 April 2006

Combinations #1

As a quick followup to the previous post, Andrew has thrown down the gauntlet with the first Combinations challenge:

Baked Mackerel With Rhubarb Sauce

Make the dish and pair it with a wine, and send the results to Andrew by April 24.

As for me, I'm looking forward to trying out this unusual recipe, but I might not be able to get my hands on fresh, small mackerel. If the culinary gods will forgive me, I might have to substitute fresh rainbow trout, which is pretty much the only one-pound full body fish that I see around here on a regular basis. Granted there's some Asian markets where I can get a live catfish or bullfrog butchered on the spot, but the mackerel is going to take a bit of work.

1 comment:

Andrew said...

yeh, sorry about the choice of fish. I shouldnt have assumed that everywhere is a blessed as here with the variety of foods. You were lucky though as the other option was liver...