10 November 2005

Opici Vineyards Homemade Barberone

NOTE: I am just a wine writer, I am not affiliated with Opici, I do not know where to find their wines nor do I have anything to do with the size of the bottles. If you have questions, please ask your local wine retailer.

Here's something from the bargain rack... For five bucks, why not try something odd? I procured a bottle of the Opici Vineyards Homemade Barberone. Now, I don't have any solid information the wine, except that back in the old days a California Barberone was a generic dark blend of Zinfandel and other red grapes. Lighter red blends were marketed as Burgundy. I can definitely taste the Zinfandel in there, but not much else. It's way sweet for my tastes, and a sweet red wine always bugs me (until you move into the Port categories, but that's a different matter entirely).

I'm not really getting much of an Italian feel here, unless we're talking about a flat Lambrusco. No serving suggestions here, although it might be a good transitional wine for someone terrified of making the leap from whites and White Zinfandel. Or for younger, new wine drinkers, as sweetness generally helps make wine seem less threatening in the early days.


Tom C said...

How do you tink I feel. I just bought a 4L thinking it was like the Union City NJ homemade wine my brother in law's family makes. NOT! Too sweet. I hope that I am not a diabetic when the bottle is done. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I drank Opici
Barberone with dinner for years, buying it by the gallon. Now that he's gone I buy the 1.5 liter, but
I wish they would improve the cork.
It seems to be the cheapest made.
A challenge to open and then often
times its bent or sharp on the edges. Inglenook Rhine has the
best cork. Easy to open and can be saved and used on other bottles.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of this wine for years and bring some home every time I travel to Connecticut of New Jersey; it is not sold anywhere in the mid-west. I will be traveling to Buffalo in the near future. Will I be able to find some there?


Anonymous said...

Try this wine a day or two after opening. The sweetness diminishes and there is a greater complexity. No, it is not a "great" wine. It is a everyday drinking wine reminiscent of the commercial barrel wines from the old country (especially a couple of days after opening).

mike said...

I am a Zinfindel lover, especially the old Italian style, and I buy all ranges of them, and all I can say is that this is the closest thing to my late Father-in-Law's Zin's that he made at home.

DRIGGS said...

Opici Chianti Table Wine- My wife and I love to have a glass (or two) of wine while we cook dinner in the evening. While in an Italian market in St. Pete FL called Mazzarro, we found this wine by the gallon. I asked a gentelman who had just grabbed a bottle if he thought it was good or not. He said that he and his wife drink it everyday. SOOOOOO I decided, what could it hurt. I tried it. If I don't like it I can give it to my cousin in Hilton Head, He drinks everything. Well, the good news is that we love it. No ruff edges and very mild. We drink it ,cook with it and would probably bath with it if I though it would keep me healthy.

Anonymous said...

I love this wine. It tastes a lot like the homemade wine made by first or second generation Italians where I grew up-in Northeast PA. Brings back some great memories.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Yes it is sweet but Good!

Anonymous said...

This is the best wine I have drank and all you wine connouissers may not be able to handle the price raange. Home made wine has been a tradition in my family for years.


Anonymous said...

When I walk in to the local liquor store, Invariably I exclaim: It's Opici time! Great everyday table wine and more.