05 August 2005

Thanks, Professor!

The great legal scholar and wine blogger Professor Bainbridge was kind enough to link to this blog, so here's a hearty thanks and a welcome to all new visitors. I'll try to reciprocate and start a blogroll on the side of this site.

My brother's getting married tomorrow, so I should have a bunch of wine reviews to post on Sunday. (Dad just picked up cases and cases of wine, vodka, and other goodies for the reception.) And I might link to a couple of my food/wine photoessays where I get to show off my cooking skills... This isn't something I've blogged about before, but I might as well share it with the world. For example, the recent Rack of Lamb Dinner. For those who don't feel like reading the whole thing, here's what the final plate looked like:

I'll probably have a similar writeup about last night's Bachelor Dinner.

In the meantime, Cheers!

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