06 February 2005

Horrible Wine

I've had much bad wine in my day, but I'm always willing to give a new bottle a fighting chance.

Now, I try not to be a wine snob, and I'd never say an unkind word about a wine that was offered to me in a spirit of goodwill. However, since I'm trying to document all of the wines I'm drinking these days, here goes... At a Super Bowl party today, the booze scene was a bit weak. Coors Lite, various jug wines, and gin. I spotted a bottle of vermouth hiding in the back and resolved myself to martinis for the evening. However, right before leaving, I decided to try a splash of "Bob's Garage Chardonnay". That's not what it was called, but that conveys the general production method. The grapes (or juice thereof) supposedly came from California, but I didn't get any more information.

The nose: rotten peaches and gasoline.

The taste: after an initial burn, the flavor of warm vomit predominated.

While I'm wholly supportive of home brewing of beer--and I've had some incredible homebrews--I think winemaking needs to be done on a slightly larger scale than is economical for the hobbyist.

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