12 June 2015

Writing About Barefoot Wines for Nomacorc

Here's my latest piece for the Nomacorc, a short piece on Barefoot Wines and the need for a better appreciation of everyday table wines in the United States. Check it out! The piece also features the freelance work debut of Bella, current dog intern here at Benito Wine Reviews.

I realize the blog has been a little quiet, but I've been busier than ever writing freelance as well as technical writing at the day job. But fear not... I have many reviews to release over this summer. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben:
It's always fun to read your blog. Barefoot is one of my favorites, I really enjoy their Pinot Grigio and their new Refresh wines for everyday.
They are good, good price, good flavor.

Hongyu Pan said...

Interesting post! And I am wondering what was the author’s review about this wine. I haven't tried the barefoot wine. I am a little wondering how it is taste. Thank you for sharing with us!

Stella Pan
The Wine Elite

Annie Lima said...

Really great post. We can consider for edgestar wine coolers also. thanks

Athalia said...

I love barefoot wine and Barefoot Moscato is by far my favorite wine ever.Mascato in general is a sweet grape, definitely a great choice!

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