11 December 2013

Hickory Farms Gift Box with 2012 La Crema Chardonnay

When I was a kid, the family was always excited when a Hickory Farms gift box showed up at the house during the holiday season. Dad was crazy about the smoked cheese, Mom loved the little strawberry candies, and my brother and I would argue over the summer sausage. Even better were the occasional boxes that featured little mustards and sauces, which Dad and I would enjoy trying out in various combinations late at night while watching reruns of M*A*S*H.

During a weekend in which Memphis was hit by an ice storm (that proved to be far milder than in other parts of the nation), I received a sample of a Hickory Farms gift box that included a bottle of wine, with treats aimed at the wine lover. Let's talk about the wine first.

2012 La Crema Chardonnay
Sonoma Coast, California
100% Chardonnay
$23, 13.8% abv.

On the palate it shows bright acidity while the nose shows hints of pineapple and tropical fruits. A brassy California Chard with a gentle finish that goes well with the salty starters of the box but would be a great pairing for smoked salmon and other savory goodies that tend to show up on the table during the holidays. Like honey-roasted ham. This would be divine with a few slices of that and a dollop of Dijon mustard on the side.

Here's what you'll find in the Hickory Farms "Toast the Traditions" Gift Box
  • 2 Red D'Anjou Pears
  • 1 Crown Comice Pears
  • 2 Fuji Apples
  • Our Signature Beef Summer Sausage 5 oz.
  • Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Smoked Cheddar Blend 4 oz.
  • Mixed Nuts 4 oz.
  • Roasted & Salted Pistachios 4 oz.
  • Chocolate Covered Cashews 4 oz.
  • Le Crema Chardonnay
  • Net Weight 5.7 lbs.
Everything was delicious, and I'm still nibbling on the contents. Would you like to try this? Leave a comment below stating that you'd like to win this gift box, and I'll pick one winner at random in the next week. The only restriction from the company is that the winner needs to reside in the United States or Canada. Just let me know why you enjoy reading this blog, and next Wednesday I'll announce the winner and provide instructions on how to redeem your prize. Note: This gift box was provided as a sample for review.


Don & Susan said...

We learn alot from your blogs about wines. We have only been seriously drinking wine in the past 6 years or so, after several trips to Europe, visiting Spain, Portugal, Italy, France & Germany. The wines were so good over there, we knew we had to learn more once we returned home.

Unknown said...

i love la crema! have never had the chardonnay though. i want to win this gift box benito!!

Sonadora said...

Oh oh oh, me! Love it all and we are actually hvaing 18 for Christmas this year!!

Sonadora said...

I should probably follow instructions. I like reading your blog because I know you and trust your recommendations!

Jessica Jobes said...

I love reading your blog because it's a glimpse into my dear friend's life, and I love to read your reviews...not just for the information, but for your mastery of writing. Miss you

Cassie Bass said...


Ellen said...

Benito, I am your biggest fan, love all your writings, reviews, recipes and tips! Pick me!

Ellen said...

I should have said, pretty please! Thank you for all you do Benito, you are a bright light!

Wine Harlots said...

Pick me! Pick me!
Let Santa know I've been a very good girl this year!

All the best,

Nannette Eaton

Becky Hansen said...

I have followed the Wine Harlots blog and Nannette Eaton, and if she endorses this give-away and Benito's Wine Reviews, well then.... How could I not want to win this beautiful Hickory Farms gift basket??!!

wild walla walla wine woman said...

What girl doesn't need a little beef stick in her life?