23 November 2012

Holiday Rieslings

There's the question about what wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner, and then there's the followup question: What did you drink with Thanksgiving dinner?

I ignored my own advice because I can, and because in addition to wanting something good to go along with the meal, I also have a duty to sample the samples. And it was with great pleasure that I was able to bring two bottles of German Riesling to the city of Jonesboro, Arkansas where I celebrated the holiday with Julia and her family. We enjoyed a classic meal of turkey and stuffing and assorted side dishes, with the addition of her uncle's smoked ribs. Dessert included baked apple dumplings... Pork and apple and RIESLING! Perfect!

I don't know the American prices or availability of these wines, but if I find out later, I will update the posts. Thanks once again to the folks from Wines of Germany for their quarterly shipment of one sweet and one dry Riesling.

2010 G.H. Mumm Rüdesheimer Berg Rottland "Erstes Gewächs"
Rheingau, Germany
€25, 13% abv.

This is the style of German Riesling that I adore: completely dry with balanced acidity and aromas of petrol and wet stones. Not everyone was as much of a fan, but several enjoyed experiencing such unusual aromas coming from a wine. "Nothing's wrong with it, that's how it's supposed to smell!" There's a long, mellow finish to this wine that only improves as it warms up over time.

2010 Max Ferd Richter Riesling Kabinett Veldenzer Elisenberg
Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany
€18, 9.5% abv.

This winery exists because in 1813, Franz Ludwig Niessen paid Napoleon 3,000 Tahlers to prevent the destruction of two nearby towns. In gratitude, the Richter family was awarded additional land full of grey slate and quartz. This was the big hit of the gathering, full of light apple and pear aromas with a medium sweetness and a light, crisp finish. Really perfect for turkey and pork and everything else we had. Highly recommended for your Christmas dinner, which should include similar foods.

Note: These wines were received as samples.

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