26 March 2010

2008 Rocca Sveva Soave

Soave is rapidly becoming one of my favorite wines. Like sparkling wines and rosés, a Soave will go along with practically anything.

The 2008 Rocca Sveva Soave comes from the Veneto region in northern Italy. $15, 12.5% abv, 100% Garganega. Initial floral and jasmine aroma with hints of Meyer lemon. There's a subtle citrus flavor profile that's not overwhelming like with a brassy Sauvignon Blanc. Medium tartness with a short finish.

I served this at a tasting with some friends where it performed well with a variety of cheeses and appetizers. However, I'd love to try it with cheese tortellini and braised rabbit. But as I said at the beginning, these wines will pair with pork, seafood, poultry--definitely something to keep on hand for those occasions when you're headed to a dinner party and don't know what's being served, or you just want an all-purpose wine at the house for any possible occasion.

Note: This wine was received as a sample.

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