07 September 2009

Online Tasting: 2005 Château La Paws Côte du Bone Roan

Time for another online tasting--join local Memphis wine fans and me as we try the 2005 Château La Paws Côte du Bone Roan from Rosenblum Cellars in California. Thursday, September 10, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time at The Commercial Appeal's Whining & Dining blog. Can't find this wine in your area? Grab another animal-themed wine and drop in to say hello.

Here in town, I know that Whiskers Wine & Spirits in Cordova has it, and I hear that Buster's has a couple of cases for y'all closer to Midtown. Elsewhere, it shouldn't be too hard to find--it was a popular wine on release and I'm anxious to see how it's holding up in 2009. Proceeds from this wine go to Paws With A Cause, a charitable organization that trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

I shot the wine with Macbeth, who is The Roommate's dog. He's a 10-year old fox-red Labrador, an unusual color not often seen in this breed. Unlike Wolfie, my dear yet paranoid mutt, Mac is pretty sociable and can make friends with anyone, as long as that person is willing to put up with some slobber and his habit of thrusting his head into your armpit for some petting.

Here's a photo from 2003, when he was six years younger and the lighting brought out the red color a little better. The boy is a strong swimmer but isn't trained for duck hunting. His primary responsibility around Casa de Benito is to begin barking when the UPS or FedEx truck arrives with wine samples. I usually try to kennel him first, but a few missionaries and door-to-door salesmen have been surprised by 80 pounds of harmless but enthusiastic Labrador lovin'.


Allen said...

Great pictures and looking forward to the tasting.

Benito said...


In both cases, I had to pick the one picture out of 20 takes that was usable. The boy moves his head around a lot. We had to put a little peanut butter under the bottom of the bottle to get him to pay attention.


Bianca said...

Hi! A co-worker just emailed me a link to your blog. I'm a local vegan food blogger (and a friend/co-worker of Justin's). I loved the vegan wine post! I have much respect for omnis who are open-minded about vegan diets. And I'm glad to learn about Thumbprint wines being vegan. I'll have to look for that. I typically stick to Yellowtail reds because I know they're vegan (the Yellowtail whites are not though). But it's nice to branch out.

Cute dog!!!

Benito said...


Always glad to hear from another local blogger! I'll pet the dog for you. :)