16 September 2009

Grace Restaurant Sneak Peek

For the past couple of months I've had access to some behind the scenes info on the development of Grace Restaurant Memphis, the new project of Chef Ben Vaughn. I was a big fan of his work at River Oaks, and can't wait to see what interesting dishes show up on the Grace menu. He's planning on changing menu items regularly, and if the work at River Oaks was any indication the dishes will be driven by the quality of the ingredients and the seasons. It's a great philosophy of cooking and I think it will resonate well with a city that is caring more and more about what it eats.

Named after Vaughn's daughter, the restaurant is located on the northeast corner of the Cooper-Young intersection, in the site of the former Sweet Bistro.

I will have more details next week, but you can also follow Grace Memphis on Facebook. Until then, enjoy some of these photos taken during the final stages of construction.


Michael Hughes said...

Looks interesting. I'm sure it will be a nice addition to the already top notch dining destinations in the C-Y.

Benito said...


Visitors from out of town always clamor for BBQ, but once they've had a fix I like to take them to Cooper-Young. Lots of fun and eclectic dining, and in a few minutes you can walk around and settle on a place that fits your mood.