14 January 2009

Wine Gift Set

It never hurts to have multiple corkscrews around the house or elsewhere. I keep at least one upstairs, one downstairs, and in my luggage. Some folks keep one in the car's glove compartment (in case of emergencies, of course).

My first corkscrew was on my Swiss Army Knife I got at the age of 11, and although it's a little tricky I've successfully used it over the years, even when I was way too young to drink wine. My second corkscrew served me well in the years after high school before finally self destructing on a problematic synthetic cork. All of the rest that are in use at Casa Benito were gifts from friends or business associates. And the corkscrew makes a great gift: everyone needs one, even if he or she is not a frequent wine drinker.

While the holidays are over, for those in business it's increasingly important to retain clients. Personalized gifts can be a great way to remind your customers how much you appreciate their business, as well as providing a reminder that will keep your name in circulation for years afterward. The Cutter & Buck American Classic Wine Set from FortePromo.com comes in an attractive leather case and includes three tools: a waiter-style corkscrew, a pouring spout, and a metal ring with a felt lining for catching the drips. (The felt ring is the one wine gadget I didn't have before--but it helps save the tablecloth as well as preserving the label for photos or if you like to peel and save your wine labels.)

The nice thing about this is that it doesn't take up a lot of space. It's about 6" x 2" x 4½" and looks classy when closed and sitting on a desk. My big rabbit corkscrew comes in something the size of a shoebox. The corkscrew performs well as do the other components. You can also check out some of their other wine accessories.

Disclaimer: I'm not receiving financial compensation for this review or for sales of this product. It's a genuinely good product that fits my wine needs, and I enjoy supporting companies that produce such wine/food accessories.


Samantha Dugan said...

Really cool looking little set, I have to say with as much wine as I open I tend to use my waiters corkscrew most often but when I have people over I do like to pull out my fancy box of wine tools...adds a little "flair" to the opening of the bottle and those drip rings are a tablecloth saver.

Benito said...


I think that with a nod towards the Passover seder, we need a new wine tradition. Instead of the youngest person present asking the four questions, the youngest person is responsible for opening all the wine. Not only does it foist the chore on someone else, but it helps pass the skills on to the next generation.