03 March 2008

Coffee Time

Saturday I popped in at Wild Oats on Poplar to attend the Slow Food Memphis presentation about coffee given by the guys from Ugly Mug Coffee Co. Lots of great info about organic and fair trade coffee, and the slower, better tasting processes that produce great coffee.

I don't drink coffee every day, but I do enjoy it especially when it's decent stuff. Ugly Mug produces many delicious brews and I'm anxious to try all of them.

I found out about the event from the Squirrels and was glad to see them there. Additionally I got to meet the writer behind the More Deliberate Every Day blog. I've been reading that for months and never got around to putting it in my blogroll. That has been rectified! I got to meet a few other readers of this blog, and was surprised to see it mentioned in the latest issue of Edible Memphis.

I'm glad that I finally got some business cards printed, as I got the opportunity to meet new and interesting people with a love of good food at this event. In my previous life as a graphic designer, I probably did layouts for two thousand different cards. Don't know why I waited so long to make some for myself: "The cobbler's children have no shoes", I suppose.

I pulled out my French press and tried Ugly Mug's Ethiopian coffee at home. The benefit of using a French Press or a gold filter instead of paper is that you get a colloidal suspension of the oils within the coffee and thus a richer flavor. This one is light and mild, while still having a great flavor to it. Nice little touch of acidity. The best part, and what distinguishes great coffee from a mere caffeine delivery system, is that an hour later you can still slightly taste the coffee but don't want to brush your teeth because it still tastes great. There's a creamier mouthfeel and more pleasant drinking experience when those oils are kept in the beverage.


Anonymous said...

Black no sugar please. This is how I like my morning fix and for the next 10 to 15 cups that follow also.

Allen said...

Great card...........
Keep the posts coming.


Big Mike said...

Must be something worry with my computer!!! The card will not load...Send it to me email I have got to see it since everyone is bragging on it!!

The Wine Commonsewer said...

I take my coffee sissy style, like my women (sweet and blond). Although Mrs TWC is definitely a brunette. :-)

I'm only drinking a few cups a day now, but they are muy excellent. Life is way too short to drink bad coffee and I will do without before I'll drink swill.

Nice card, I've been threatening to get TWC business cards for four years. [shrugs] Course I don't have business cards for my real business either. Haven't had since before the turn of the century.