24 September 2007

2006 Chateau Ste. Michelle Nellie's Garden Dry Rosé

The other day at Wolfchase I was delighted to stumble upon the 2006 Chateau Ste. Michelle Nellie's Garden Dry Rosé from the Columbia Valley of Washington. I didn't know that Ste. Michelle made a rosé, and it appears as though this one was previously available only to members of their wine club.

Wow. Such a delicate fruit aroma, and this will sound odd but it's the best way I can describe it: when I was a kid we'd sometimes take 7-up and add a splash of juice from a jar of Maraschino cherries. Sort of an ersatz Shirley Temple*, but when I was six I didn't know any German, only bits of French and Latin from singing in the Memphis Symphony Boys Choir. Anyway, when you sniffed the beverage there was only a hint of cherry aroma. Most of it showed up when drinking it.

It's got a bigger body than you'd expect from the nose. Touch of that fizzy acidity you get in some rosés, spice and a flash of heat. This wine begs for some Indian or Thai food. It's 96% Syrah with splashes of Grenache, Mourvedre, and Viognier. The peppery Syrah characteristics come through particularly well.

*The other cocktail of the childhood years was the "Suicide", made by combining various carbonated beverages from a soda fountain. Typically I enjoyed some combination of Coke/Sprite/Root Beer, but the more daring would all six selections together, including things like lemonade or Hawaiian Punch. Personally I never thought that orange soda mixed well with anything else. Two decades later I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about how different types of grape juice are blended.


mjhughes76 said...

Okay, who is the super cute semi obscured puppy dog? You should show a full size pic of him/her.

Benjamin said...

That's Wolfie, my erstwhile canine companion. I wrote a bit about him in an earlier post, which also includes my favorite photo I've taken of him.

Wolfie's been known to lick up a splash of spilled wine but I don't fill his water bowl with Pinot Grigio or anything like that. He tends to be more interested in the food I cook.

Anonymous said...

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