03 January 2007

New Memphis Blog: Mempho Wino

It's been a pleasure over the past two years to connect with writers and wine producers all over the globe, but there's also a joy in promoting those bloggers here in Memphis who like to write about wine and food. I'd like to think that in our region, we're able to straddle the menus of downhome cooking and haute cuisine. And for those who think that this little river town is all about barbecue, I can safely state that in my corner of the suburbs, I have Russian, Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Chinese grocery stores within a five minute drive, not to mention the traditional French bakery or the Turkish kebab shop. I may not live in New York City, but even I know enough to wish the Ukrainian guy at the grocery store a hearty Христос Раждаеться during the Christmas season.

By the same token, I love cornbread, garden fresh green beans cooked with a ham hock, and will happily spend hours beside a smoker tossing back a few cold beers while a pork shoulder slowly smokes its way into tenderness. All that having been said...

A longtime friend of mine is starting up two blogs, one based around food and the other around wine. The wine one isn't quite ready yet, but I'm proud to link to Skeeter's Mempho Wino. Thus far there's a half dozen reviews of local Memphis restaurants, with an emphasis on lunch. Skeeter is a damned good cook, and I'm sure we'll see some homemade dishes at some point in the future.

I'm really looking forward to the wine blog--this guy has taught me loads about the appreciation of fine wine and continues to be a source of good advice, and I'm anxious to see his tasting notes made available to the world.


Big Mike said...

Ben you are too kind. I hope I can live up to this high praise. Ate at Encore tonight will post it tomorrow. Thanks again

Allen said...

Thanks for the link to Skeeter, you both "Tell it like it is."