19 September 2005

Wine Blogging Wednesday Contest

Lenn recently announced a contest to design a logo for Wine Blogging Wednesday. I've got a half dozen ideas, but this was my first submission. There's a couple of others that will be more interesting, and even if I don't officially submit them, I might post them on this site.

Though the jpg here is only low-res, I built this in Illustrator, so it can easily be sized to make a crisp and clear wine label for any empty bottles lying around.


Barbara said...

You've been tagged for the 23rd post meme.

Jim Online said...

I am expecting a great wine logo. I once saw a wine making contest and the logo was part of the whole package. It turned out that the winning wine was primarily good on the marketing side. The taste was just fine, but the logo, with 3D features proved to be the best option.