09 September 2005

Quick Update

Sorry I skipped Wine Blogging Wednesday... I've had a little summer cold all week and haven't been in the mood for wine (or food for that matter). Plus, up through yesterday I couldn't smell anything, which would have made for pretty dull wine notes. I'm feeling much better though, and should have some reviews up this weekend.


Barbara said...

Get well soon. But what would you have tried with chocoalte if you'd been well enough?

Benito said...

Maybe a California Zinfandel, like something from Folie a Deux. My initial plan had been to use one of these odd fruit wines from New Jersey that have just hit the market here in very limited numbers--one is blueberry and the other is raspberry. They're not cordials, and they're not cheap; they're supposed to be well crafted if a bit unusual.

However, I'm not the biggest chocolate fan in the world... It's my deep, dark secret. I don't hate it, and I enjoy many chocolate-based desserts, but I don't get the ecstasy and pleasure that most people receive from the ingredient. I've never had a chocolate craving. I do admit that I enjoy a properly made truffle, and yes, I do have a soft spot for great Belgian chocolate (like Leonidas), but that stuff is practically butter.