01 September 2005


By popular demand, comments will be enabled for the next couple of posts. If I have any problems with spam, I might turn on the "word verification" feature. I know it's a pain, but hopefully it won't come to that. Just a couple of caveats: I tend to post at weird hours, and don't necessarily look at the posts every day. So if you ask a direct question, I'll try to answer it when I get around to it, but if there's any sort of lively discussion I probably won't be participating. In good conscience I try not to visit or think about this blog at work--when reading and writing about wine I really prefer to be relaxed and not handling an e-commerce problem with a client in Brazil.

One other thing: I've already heard from a couple of wineries that disagreed with my reviews and have offered to send me a free bottle for re-evaluation. First off, I'm deeply flattered, but due to laws here in the highly enlightened state of Tennessee, I can't receive wine or liquor through the mail. All shipments that cross state lines have to pass through the hands of a distributor. I weep at the thought of some generous gift being intercepted at the post office and being ceremoniously poured down the drain. However, if you want me to give your wine a second shot and you're friendly about it, let me know anyway and I'll try to get around to it in the next couple of months at my own expense. I do realize that there's dozens of things that can make a single bottle go off and that it's not indicative of the vintage as a whole.

It's fun hearing from wineries, particularly the ones where I gave positive reviews. And if I didn't like your wine, don't take it personally--I'm not an expert, and this blog has a lot more to do with my personal tastes and quest for wine education. I also think that wine can be much better evaluated with food, whereas the majority of wines listed here are based off small samples at wine tastings. Even if I say I'm not enthusiastic about a particular wine, it doesn't mean that it's bad, just that it didn't pique my interest. I don't think there's many terrible wines out there, most stuff on the market tends to be average and drinkable with a few that stand out above the herd.


Barbara said...

Checked out the rack of lamb Benjamin. Brilliantly cooked.

Andrew said...

The thing about wine tasting, I find, is that if you find a taster with a similar palate/views as your own you tend to agree over the long term which helps in locating new wines to drink. It is the personal touch I look for in wine blogging...

Sad about the lack of wine shipments though.

Benito said...

Sad about the lack of wine shipments though.

There are actually counties in this region that are completely dry--you can't buy or sell any alcoholic beverages within the county limits.