20 November 2005

Bonny Doon Every Heart Has Its Riesling

After dinner with the family Saturday evening, Dad passed me a bottle of the Bonny Doon "The Heart Has Its Rieslings". That link takes you to the 2003 release, but according to the back label it's technically NV and made mostly from 2004 grapes grown in Washington. I threw a chill on it and later split it with a friend I had to pick up from the airport. This is a sweet wine, and while it tastes like a late harvest riesling apparently there's no botrytis involved. There's a beautiful golden honey color, with Muscat-like aromas and flavors. A touch of fresh Granny Smith apples, and just a bit of acidity to balance the sugar. Well made and an ideal wine if you're into something sweeter. $15.


Anonymous said...

I tried this wine and it was phenomenal! I had been searching for a sweeter wine, and this met the call. It bursts with tropicla fruit and it perfection on a warm summer day. I am so disapointed that they are discontinuing this wine

Unknown said...

Amen..... I put away a few bottles, and believe me: few people would ever believe what transformed.....I could blind taste anybody and show how this miracle holds its ground with $50 ausleses and beerenausleses from great producers. Unbelievable success--never seen a riesling from CA ever achieving this quality. Washington fruit and world class result!!

would be 93-96 points anywhere.....huge congrats to Bonny Doon for lovely work and very correct advice to lay this down for a decade....WOW!!!!!!!