21 November 2005

2004 Duxinaro Chardonnay

The 2004 Duxinaro Chardonnay is from Mendocino County in California, but I wasn't able to find much information on the winery. There was a blog post stating the following:
Later, while walking back home I happened upon our friends Mark and Blair Bowery working in the old "Stones" building on Main Street. It seems new owners are creating a wine shop and tasting room to be named "Duxinaro". Mark tied for second in the professional competition last year at the California Wine Tasting Championships and seems well suited for the task. I hope to have more information on the opening date for this new business soon.
Beyond that, I have no other information. The name tripped me up a little. I was thinking Spanish, and I'm thinking it's dush-in-ARRR-oh. But the small text on the label spells out the "ducks in a row" joke. And there are a row of ducks on the front of the label, so it's possible that most will figure it out quicker.

The wine is a standard unoaked California Chardonnay, which is to say that there are some mild fruit flavors, but nothing surprising. A good, solid, everyday Chard, though I tend to prefer a little more strength from wines. No idea on the cost of this--it was a gift to my father who then gave it to me. For some reason people have been giving him sampler cases of wine as gifts, and his pantry runneth over. While I'm happy to take some of the extras, I'm trying to convince him to host what I affectionately term a "Big Ass Wine Dinner". A good sized dinner party, multiple courses, and tons of wine flowing freely. If you have about eight or ten people, it's possible for everyone to try lots of wines without getting drunk.

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Anonymous said...

Duxinaro is made by a wine distributor by a local vineyard. The Wine Merchant is the local wine distributor, and they make some nice clarets and cabernets, too, all around 5-8/bottle.