27 November 2005

2003 Saracina Sauvignon Blanc

Another mystery wine from Dad, and I've figured out that most of these have a Mendocino County theme. So in my own pathetic way my liver has taken a tour of a specific wine region of California.

The 2003 Saracina Sauvignon Blanc is also one of the pet projects of the Fetzer family, and I was really impressed. Again, no website, but there was a phone number on the cork. This Sauvignon Blanc has mild grapefruit flavors plus just a hint of lemon. However, the acidity is balanced out, and there is little to no sweetness. All in all, this is everything that I look for in a Sauvignon Blanc. Its integrity holds up from chilled all the way up to room temperature. Highly recommended if you can find it, and this bottle really begs for some shellfish and a pasta salad.

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