23 January 2012

7th Anniversary

For seven years, I've been scribbling messages thrice weekly, tossing digital bottles into the ocean, and am still constantly surprised by how much response I receive. Readers make writing worthwhile, and I thank each and every one of you that drops by, either regularly or through a web search about a certain wine. I've had the opportunity to try some amazing wines, spectacular food, and have met some of the most interesting and friendly people in the world.

How to celebrate? The Seven Year Itch suggests that it's time to wander and maybe start writing for a different, younger blog. The seventh-inning stretch would indicate that it's time to take a short break and make sure I can keep going for another two years. The existential dread of seventh grade encourages me that if I make it through this awkward phase with sanity intact then everything will be great later on.

None of that really applies to blogging, does it? There's no end in sight, no definite map of how things should or can develop over time. Frankly, lasting past a week is a big accomplishment for most any website in terms of making new content and providing regular updates. In that respect bloggers are more like survivors of the Ebola virus: "We don't know how long you'll live because typically people in your position are gone by now. Please don't cough on me."

It's been a fun year blogwise. Some highlights include: So what next? I've got a few ideas and tweaks and twists that I might apply to the blog, or not depending on how they work. I'll probably redesign the whole layout again in a few months when I get tired of this particular look. Might try to do some more challenging cooking, tackling those areas like pastry or sausage making in which I have limited experience. But for now, I raise my glass to you, dear reader, and shout "Excelsior! Onward and upward!"


fredric koeppel said...

Congratulations! and keep on truckin'!

Big Mike said...

Congratulations Ben great job last year. Can't wait to see what this years brings. Maybe even another bottle of birth year wine maybe German this time??

Benito said...

Fredric & Mike,

Thanks as always for the tutelage and amazing wines!


Samantha Dugan said...

Congratulations dear friend. Seven years is freaking amazing, hell I'm nearing four and often find myself wondering how much longer I'll get to keep doing this...then I look at you. Inspiring. Meeting you, being able to call you a friend, your constant help and advice, you are not only a very cool blogger, you're a wonderful person.

Cannot wait to be hunched over a table, (of food that you made of course!) geeking out over wines again.

Benito said...


Thanks, and you've been a special part of the past few years. Can't wait for your seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth anniversaries, which I'll be celebrating from the Old Winebloggers Home in the Santa Ynez Valley. Yes, the caretakers water down the Grenache but it's probably for the best.


Joe said...

The zany world I'm in now has left little time to check blogs, but great job and keep it up. You've managed to create quite a phenomenon here. Most blogs fizzle out in year 1. You've not only done it for 7 years, but done so with consistency, and consistent quality.

I share that same highlight as one of the best of 2011. And remember: we still have a whole cow to cook in 2012. Turns out I sell a lot of good Argentinean wine, so mounds of roasted beef would be apropos, don't you think?

EllenLV said...

Ben, one of the luckiest days of my life was finding your blog. You have given me many hours of pleasure, thank you for all you do.
You are a gentleman and a scholar

Benito said...


Thanks as always for reading, and best wishes with the wine business!


So glad that you enjoy reading the site. I plan to keep writing for a while. :)


Michelle said...

Congratulations Benito! I am looking forward to reading your 2012 posts from Memphis and Lyon!