23 January 2013

8th Anniversary

2012-2013 is a stretch of my life that involves a lot of changes, both personal and professional, and while I don't share everything on this site, I do have to thank all of the readers and fellow writers whose e-mails, comments, and friendships make this endeavor so enjoyable. As I've said many times, I only started this whole thing as a way to keep notes. I had no idea it would introduce me to so many amazing people here in Memphis and around the world.

Highlights of 2012:
  • Probably the biggest news was the paid writing gig for Serious Eats (list of my articles). I'm still doing it, despite a little hiatus during the hectic holiday season. Working with an editor and dealing with assignments was a great learning experience, and I look forward to a continued relationship with the site.
  • I joined the Southern Tastes panel for Memphis' newspaper The Commercial Appeal, which means that a couple of times a month I join area chefs and food personalities to opine about various topics. It's nice to have your picture in the good part of the newspaper.
  • I finally managed to make perfect pasta from scratch, culminating in an amazing batch of rabbit ravioli served with some delicious Edna Valley wines.
  • My friend Juli Eck introduced me to the amazing Stetson Salad, which I had fun rebuilding.
  • The April Fools' Day post about twineblogging actually resulted in some offers from various jute twine manufacturers.
  • Further explorations into authentic Mexican cooking with mole negro oaxaqueño.
  • Getting to share Tokaji with Julia and her family for the first time was a magical experience.
  • The shrimp and grits in lobster stock was a real show-stopper.
  • Lots of great online tastings this past year, far too many to mention, but it's nice bumping into the same bloggers once a month or so.

2013 is off to a great start, and after a brief break in the holidays, it's time for the rush of Valentine's Day samples. Thanks again to everyone for reading, and I can't wait for us to make it to the big 10 in 2015. Stay tuned!


fredric koeppel said...

We're glad you're here and doing what you do. Congratulations.. in the blogosphere, eight years is a lifetime.

Allen said...

Great writing, tasting information, cooking tips and recipes. Keep up the good work.


Benito said...

Dad & Fredric,

Thanks for all the support and all the great times at the table together. It's been a blast and there's no reason to stop now.


Samantha Dugan said...

A very happy anniversary to you Ben!