04 June 2014

NV La Marca Prosecco

In my last post, I talked about pairing a California Zinfandel with BBQ. And in that case, I'm referring to the standard pork shoulder or ribs, smoked and served with a savory-sweet sauce. In Texas, beef is king and while we have native antipathy towards the infidels, I have to admit that brisket done well is quite good.

However, what is often missed in the various competitions and TV shows is how much smoked chicken and other goodies show up on Southern picnic tables. Steamed corn wrapped in foil, grilled summer squash, skewers of shrimp... So many of these foods cry out for a white wine, particularly one that is served cold. Here's where I like to break out Prosecco, Italy's casual, affordable sparkling wine from the north.

In addition to its role as a fun "grape soda" for the outdoor party, Prosecco is perfect for making sparkling wine cocktails like the Mimosa or Bellini. At the price, it's worth it to pick up a half case and play around with different combinations.

NV La Marca Prosecco
DOC Veneto
100% Glera
$15, 11.3% abv.

Dry and crisp with a splash of lemony acidity. Earthy and floral notes are barely present on the nose, making this wine an interesting one to sip. Tiny bubbles and good overall balance, something to be enjoyed in a bargain Prosecco.

Note: This wine was provided as a sample for review.

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