28 April 2014

Greetings from Lodi!

Posting might be a little erratic this week, as I'm not sure how much time I'll have to finish up the dozen incomplete drafts I have sitting in the queue. But I'm not slacking off--I'm here in scenic Lodi, California with Snooth and the Lodi Wine Commission, and I'm about to start three straight days of winery tours, dinners, and tastings.

Yesterday was a long day, during which I traveled for 14 hours and capped it off with a massive three hour dinner here in the charming resort called Wine & Roses. The property is beautiful, full of redwoods, palm trees, olive trees, and more. The immediate area around us features the obvious vineyards, but also fruit orchards, olive and nut groves, dairy farms, and many other crops that I just glimpsed on our ride into town yesterday afternoon.

I'll probably save most of the stories and winery posts for my return home, when I've had a chance to sort through everything. But I will be posting updates on Twitter, where you'll also see the posts of my colleagues and hosts on this great trip.


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fredric koeppel said...

Have a great time!