12 February 2014

Σοφοσ Greek Organic Wine

Σοφοσ Greek Organic Wine is a new product line from established Greek producer Κτήμα Γκιούλη (Domaine Gioulis). The word for wisdom is usually transliterated as sophos, but these wines are promoted under the name Sofos. I think I've covered all the different ways that someone could find this post through a Google search.

The wines are certified organic in Greece and the United States, and "vegan friendly"--made without any animal products but not formally certified. This was something that I encountered with a lot of the "sustainable" winemakers in Sonoma, who often produced wines that exceeded the USDA organic regulations but who chose not to go through the added expense of a certification.

Both of these feature half and half blends of native Greek grapes with traditional French varieties, something that has been going on in Italy for decades and seems to be spreading (I've even seen the practice in Spanish wines). While I'm certainly interested in tasting many different kinds of grapes and appreciate native terroir, at the end of the day if you're selling wine it doesn't hurt to have some recognizable names on the label.

2013 Sofos White
Korinthos Protected Geographical Indication, Peloponnese
50% Moschofilero, 50% Chardonnay
$12, 12% abv.

Nice and fruity with an overripe peach profile, hint of honey and lemon but dry. Tart acidity and a short clean finish. I poured it to go along with a spinach lasagna.

2010 Sofos Red
Korinthos Protected Geographical Indication, Peloponnese
50% Agiorgitiko, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
$12, 12% abv.

Lots of berries and a lighter body than you'd initially expect. Cherries and blackberries dominate, with a few vegetal elements on the slightly tannic finish. Quite good with a roast pork sandwich.

Note: These wines were provided as samples for review.

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