16 May 2013

NV Ogio Prosecco

I've long been a fan of Prosecco, and have tried to promote it as a casual, fun sparkling wine to enjoy in the middle of the week with dinner. Whenever I have a Prosecco on hand at a party, I ask around for a show of hands.

"Who has never opened a sparkling wine before?" If anyone is curious, I'll let them practice on the bottle. Undo the wire cage, keep it vertical, gently twist, and for the last bit just let the pressure in the bottle do all the work without spewing good wine all over the kitchen and dining room. And then it's time to show the second trick: how well this wine works with things like fried chicken, popcorn, salty potato chips, and even Buffalo wings. These are the kind of pairings that will bring about a true and vibrant wine culture in the United States, coming from the everyday treats below, not from the haute cuisine at top.

Also, in accordance with Federal Trade Commission regulations, I have to disclose that in addition to the wine, I got a neat USB carabiner (loaded with the wine info) and a pair of Ogio-branded flip-flops. Neither influenced my review of the wine.

NV Ogio Prosecco
DOC Prosecco
100% Glera
$17, 11% abv.

Initial aroma of green apple peels and just a touch of honey. There's a hint of something wild and musky in this, like overripe peach. I thought it was perfect with a nice salad of baby spinach, smoked chicken, and roasted walnuts with a light vinaigrette.

Note: This wine was received as a sample.

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