03 December 2012

2010 Ravenswood Vintners Blend Old Vines Zinfandel

The weather here in Memphis is doing weird things. It's been near freezing at night for the past couple of weeks, but now the days are well into the 70s. Makes it difficult to eat or drink seasonally.

On a Sunday afternoon, I was tired and not interested in doing any additional cooking (beyond the breakfast I made at seven and the casserole I assembled at noon). So I ordered a pizza from Jet's Pizza, a somewhat national chain that specializes in Detroit-style deep dish square pizza. It's not Chicago deep dish, it's not like the Pizza Hut version, but there's lots of delightfully greasy and crusty bread with plenty of toppings. I ordered a Hawaiian pizza, and when nosing through the stable of samples I thought that a Zinfandel would be the perfect pairing.

Julia and I were not disappointed. I'll also note that I've always admired the Ravenswood logo, with its Celtic interlocking and simple design.

2010 Ravenswood Vintners Blend Old Vines Zinfandel
$9, 13.5% abv.

The nose has deep black cherries with hints of of chocolate and oak. On the palate are bright berry flavors, tart acidity, medium tannins and a lingering finish. A great middle of the week casual red wine.

Note: This wine was received as a sample.

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