18 January 2008

Benito vs. the Ocean: Slipper Tails

While shopping for dinner, I picked up a half dozen frozen slipper tails. If you've dug around in the frozen seafood section of your supermarket, you may have seen these. And they're always packaged with just the tail. Why? Well, unlike its more photogenic cousin, the slipper lobster is ugly. As in, "your mama gonna have to tie a pork chop around your neck so the dogs will play with you" ugly. For reference, check out the photo on the article under the Aussie name, Moreton Bay Bug. Authentic Oz recipes can be found by searching for "bug tails". This abomination of the deep looks like the unholy offspring of a lobster and a crab. Fortunately, this man isn't afraid of ugly food. Taste is all that matters, and these were tasty decapod tails. I had a little ramekin of melted butter, and while the tails weren't quite as good as regular Maine lobster, they were delicious. Also not a bad deal at 6 for $15 (roughly a pound of tails), and they would be excellent appetizers or first courses for a dinner party. Just spear them on a skewer if you don't want them curly, and it would be polite to pre-split them for guests.

The Girlfriend is challenging me to cook for her in more healthy directions, including no carbs. I enjoy said challenges, and chose some steamed veggies as well as a bunch of spring onions simply baked with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. (I cooked them in a little Le Creuset dish that was a Christmas present to myself.)

For the wine, I poured the 2006 Clos du Bois Chardonnay from the North Coast appellation in Geyserville, California. I've had this wine several times in restaurants but felt I ought to try it on its own. Since I've typically ordered a glass with seafood and was happy with the results, I felt it would be a good match. It did not disappoint. Green apple on the nose, with hints of burnt sugar. Nice bright fruit flavors, light oak, and decent acidity.

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Barbara said...

I'm looking forward to eating more of the Moreton Bay Bugs now we live in Queensland.