30 May 2006

2000 Skouras Saint George

On the second evening of festivities at Paul's house with Tom and Jenny, we cracked open a bottle of the 2000 Skouras Saint George, a Greek wine from the Peloponessos region. The wine is made from the Saint George grape, known as Αγιωργιτικω in Greece. I have zero experience with Greek wines, aside from hearing rumors of the heavily pine scented retsina reds. And for some reason, I find it hard to think of Greek wine in a modern setting, and imagine togas and Dionysus and lots of half-naked maidens carrying amphorae sloshing over with potent wine... Ahem.

However, this is a light and mild red wine, possibly having benefited from careful aging over time. I get hints of chocolate on top, with milder fruit flavors below. Low tannins--quite light, but with enough acidity to keep things interesting. Fun to try out if you can find a bottle of it. Thanks, Tom!

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Anonymous said...

Benito, I'm so glad you enjoyed A Toast To Tennessee! Each year, we work very hard to deliver the best wine and gourmet food Tennessee has to offer. Please contact me prior to the 2007 festival, and I'll see that you get a VIP pass.

Also, be sure to try Passion from Chateau Ross Winery. It was a recent "wine of the year" in Tennessee. And if you like old vine zin, Z (also from Chateau Ross) is not to be missed.

For a very tasty port, check out Sumner Crest Winery. Certainly not what you would expect from a small middle Tennessee winery.

Hope to see you there in '07!

John Sloan
A Toast To Tennessee