Sample Policy

I'm always happy to try samples, though I do not guarantee a positive review nor can I specify a certain date when or if the review will be published. When the review is posted, I will send you an e-mail immediately to let you know. I will always strive to be fair and honest, and if a bottle is obviously flawed (corked or heat damaged), I will contact the winery, publicist, or other representative before writing anything.

The best way to get in touch with me regarding samples is to e-mail me at

Benito's Wine Reviews covers a wide range of topics, and in the past I've received samples of and written about the following products, would be interested in continued coverage of these subjects in the future:
  • Wine: I cover all styles and all regions of the world
  • Beer: particularly microbrews and specialty beers
  • Liquors and Liqueurs: I will generally try to include a standard cocktail recipe as well as an invention of my own
  • Cocktail Ingredients: such as bitters, flower waters, and mixers
  • Books: related to wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, food, and history
  • Wine Gadgets and Gear: such as decanters, bags, coolers, wine charms, corkscrews, etc.
  • Cooking Equipment or other Kitchen Accessories