Flags of Wine Countries

Maybe it's just the geography fanatic in me, but I'm starting to add little flags to my posts to indicate the country or state of origin. I want to make some more custom maps as well, but that's a much more ambitious project. I've taken public domain images from Wikipedia and done three things:

1) Resized them to 500 pixels wide
2) Added a 2 pixel black border (important for helping the flag stand out against a white background)
3) Added 48 pt. Futura Medium text with the English name of the country

It's really not that much work, but I like the way it works. Here are three examples, shown at the Blogger.com settings of Large, Medium, and Small (and they remain clear and readable even at a third of the size of the small one shown here):

(I made the Nicaraguan one for an upcoming rum post.) I made flags for the major wine states of the US plus some major and minor wine countries of the world. It's not a full list of everything I've tasted (25 countries/16 states), but I don't plan on tasting Belarussian wines again anytime soon and don't feel like updating that old post. Full list: Argentina, Australia, Austria, California, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Oregon, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Washington. All full size at 500px as lovely PNGs, wrapped up in a single archive. For any other winebloggers that want to use these, have fun!

Click here to download ZIP archive

Creative Commons LicenseFlag images used freely from Wikipedia, and the resizing and added text are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, which means that you're free to use these files for personal or commercial use. I'd appreciate it if you link to my site the first time you use one, but no need to do so every time.