12 September 2008

2007 Domaine du Tariquet Rosé de Pressée

This Robert Kacher selection from the Gascony region (southwest France right next to Spain) is the 2007 Domaine du Tariquet Rosé de Pressée, $12, 11.5% abv. 40% Merlot, 40% Syrah, and 20% Tannat. Tannat is not a well-known grape--it's grown in the nearby Madiran AOC and is popular in Uruguay, but doesn't get a lot of play in the rest of the world. Surprising candied banana aroma. Really charming. Firm mid-palate tannic elements, touch of acidity, extremely short finish. Neat little wine here.

I picked it up from the Whole Foods in Cleveland, where I was also able to grab dinner: an organic salami/provolone/ciabatta sandwich and a little tub of papaya chunks and lime slices. If I lived near a Whole Foods I think I would have a picnic every day of the year, and the screwcap on the Tariquet makes this an excellent park choice... assuming that your local law enforcement officials allow you to actually sip wine in a park.

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Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I for one, appreciate your wine reviews! Thank you for doing them. For example, I never would've thought of buying and trying this wine, but your review has me intrigued to go hunt it down at Whole Foods. And thank you too, for the background info on one of the more obscure blending grapes!