19 September 2012

2010 Argento Malbec

When I reviewed the 2009 Argento Malbec two years ago, the unique thing about this wine was the use of a QR Code on the back label. I wondered if it would catch on, and since then I've seen the little blocks everywhere, including on other brands of wine. (Though I'm always a little bothered to see them on the backs of buses and commercial vehicles...)

To update, I still don't use a smart phone, so I don't personally use these codes. However, I do see people using them a lot in the grocery store, or snapping a shot of one from the corner of a poster or advertisement.

As summer is winding down, we're entering the months when I crave heavier and darker reds. Time for slow braises and roasted root vegetables that warm the kitchen and make the entire house smell wonderful. Let's kick off red season with an Argentine Malbec.

2010 Argento Malbec
Mendoza (Luján de Cuyo, Tunuyán and Tupungato)
100% Malbec
$12, 13.5% abv.

Black cherry and chocolate with a firm tannic undertone. A little sour cherry flavor lingers on the finish for a long time. I preferred the 2009 Argento Malbec Reserva, and at just a few dollars more, it's a much better bargain. Still, this one would work well at a BBQ or with a casual burger.

Note: This wine was received as a sample.

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