09 October 2005

2003 Wild Bunch California Red

The 2003 Wild Bunch California Red is another crazy Cali $10 red blend like my last single wine post... This one is made by Montevina, which is now owned by Trinchero. According to one article:
The screw cap brand is touting, for example, that its winemaker Chris Leamy has purple hair and its label design is "more Harley than Hamptons."
So it's part Zinfandel, Syrah, and Barbera. Zinfandel is really the dominant flavor here, although it doesn't have a Zin finish. I've been drinking it with some cheap pizza, which is probably appropriate. Not a bad wine. I enjoyed the Fess Parker blend better--this one is off balance, but at the same time could stand as the house wine of any neighborhood Italian/pizza joint here in the States, and that's an honest compliment/suggestion. Cheap Chianti tastes like crap, and at least this has some residual sweetness that would appeal to the American palate.

A brief word on the label design... My grastronomic curiosity was greater than my aesthetic taste. If I had a nickel for ever time that I've seen that general design as a tattoo on the exposed bosom of an aging biker woman, I'd have... several dollars. Ah, the joys of life in the south. But, once again, it's liable to bring previously wine-scared folks into the fold, and that's not a bad thing. As an editorial once posited, Yellowtail might not be great wine, but it succeeded in putting bottles of wine on the tables of people that would have never enjoyed wine otherwise. And heck, if the Wild Bunch tastes better with a gas station hot dog and the scent of 89 octane in the air, then more power to them.


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BoxWineGuy said...

I just tried 2003 Wild Bunch California Red Wine, and liked it fairly well. Very nice fruit from the zin component, and a relatively complex finish.

Melissa Lynn said...

Shared this with a friend after possibly giving the bottle as a 'cheap' gift to another friend... SO glad I didn't. The first theing both of us said after pouring - it smells... musty. After tasting, the best I can say is my initial impression is that is was a little fruity... and then I swallowed. My first thought was - Grant's farm. I shook that off because frankly it made no sense and tasted again. I realized what the original thought meant - a barn. The wine smelled musty and the finish was like a barn. Granted, not an occupied barn, so I can only assume I mean hay, but overall, not something I EVER want to TASTE again. EVER. I am beyond glad that I did not give this to a friend before tasting b/c I can only believe what she would have thought of me and my taste in wine. UGH!